The day began with a bus journey to our meeting point with the boat, which then took us to the village we would be investigating. Here, the children tried some honey tea, a few snacks that are made on site, and then on a horse cart to the place where they make coconut candy. We then had a short journey down the river on a boat which proved good fun until we stopped at possibly the most fun activity of the day…mud fishing!!!

The children really impressed me here by displaying a good attitude towards getting dirty and ‘hands on’. A special mention must go to Chi Bao, Calvin and Rebecca, who caught the main bulk of their teams’ fish. After showering, we had a lovely lunch which included the fish that had been caught – further evidence of how these people use the river on a regular basis. After lunch, we travelled back to our bus via the boat with some wonderful singing provided on the microphone by a few brave girls. Our return to school was timed to perfection when we arrived back just in time for the assembly. I must thank Mr. Quan, whose company – Orient Horizon – organized this fantastic event – I can highly recommend them!

James Quantrill – Teacher – Saigon Star International School

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