“I love early mornings, when the sun’s ray is met with the green rice terraces. Farmers leave their wood and thatch houses as the white storks depart from their nets, carrying reaping hooks, leading their buffaloes to a land portion and work until noon. This back-to-basics life is no easier than an office job, but takes place in a more peaceful setting. Dak Lak, a perfect spot to take a step back from the unbreathable polluted air, concrete buildings and wild traffic that bombard you at rush hours. There was always one road that connected hamlet to hamlet that as I biked, it felt as if a stop-motion movie was playing with magnificent landscapes (green and yellow for the primary theme) as separated frames continuously emerged in front of my eyes. It was beautiful, live, and therapeutic”.

- John McMahon (visited Vietnam on May 2017)


A  scene that's hardly find in the cities.

A scene that’s hardly find in the cities.

Farmers leading cows home.

Farmers leading cows home.

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